Hawaii Home & Garden Network (HHGN) – Welcome & Introduction

Aloha, and welcome to the Hawaii Home & Garden Network (HHGN)! Who are we? We’re a social learning hub whose main focus is home construction and remodeling in Hawaii. Our main purpose is to provide a communications network between users (Hawaii homeowners) and the businesses of Hawaii’s home construction and remodeling industry, with the goal of helping to facilitate relationship building, learning and education more efficiently.
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Yes, we can empathize.

Let’s face it, life gets busier and busier every day. Pot hole repairs, rail construction, work, kids, school, maintenance projects, soccer practice and an ever growing Hawaii population don’t make things any easier. Pile on those ever increasing goals, duties and responsibilities and time management becomes an art form. Learning the ins and outs of a major kitchen or home remodel becomes a UH extension class.
If HHGN can make your next home construction or remodeling project just a little bit easier, that’s two more hours of family time, one more hour of water time and hopefully, one more hour of “me” time added to your hectic schedule. And to clarify, water time is “me and the ocean time,” so not officially “me time.”
How will we do this? HHGN will help you get to know the businesses who can help you with your biggest lifetime investment – your home. Read the blogs and feature stories on their projects. Watch their Web videos and listen to their audio files. Listen to them talk about their projects, the traps and pitfalls of remodeling and ways to save money on that next home remodel. They are your financial planners for your most important real estate investment, so you’ll certainly want to do as much research as possible on those businesses who will help you grow your investment, and all in one place.


Hawaii, renovation, remodel, home, builder, kitchen & bath, flooring, stone, solid surface, cabinets, countertops, solar, furniture, lighting, interior design, landscaping, roofing

Your biggest lifetime investment
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HHGN offers all of the basic features of a social media site. Businesses and users can create discussion groups and forums for users to discuss, search and find specific information relating to their home remodeling project for any given home building or remodeling category. On HHGN, you can ask the industry pros directly, or other homeowners who have done the same thing.
HHGN is comprised of the following home building and remodeling categories:
• Cabinets & Countertops
• Interior Design
• Roofing
• Flooring
• Kitchen & Bath
• Solar & Clean Energy
• Furniture & Lighting
• Landscaping
• Stone & Solid Surface
• General Contractors
• Materials & Supplies
All businesses on the network are associated with any one or multiple home building and remodeling categories. All HHGN businesses will also have a company profile page where all of their relevant details and content can be found, with links to the company’s web site. You can also “befriend” an individual business, or subscribe to their home building/ remodeling category, to receive all their content and media updates so you can keep up to date with the businesses you’re researching or thinking of hiring. You can also find businesses on the network by the categories in which they are involved.
A business’ company profile page will contain the following:
• Company overview/ description and contact info
• Project editorials, which includes blog feature stories, Web videos, audio soundbites, smartphone cams and links to their feature stories in the Hawaii Home & Garden magazine
• Links to groups and forums
HHGN has everything a social network has to offer. Users can request friendships with other users and businesses. They can follow individual businesses and be automatically notified when new content is posted to their company profile page. Users can watch as much content that’s available, on the most respected businesses in the home building and remodeling industry in Hawaii, without ever having to venture onto the freeway unnecessarily ever again. One of the reasons we created HHGN is because we really do believe freeway gridlock is a form of torture.
Hawaii, renovation, remodel, home, builder, kitchen & bath, flooring, stone, solid surface, cabinets, countertops, solar, furniture, lighting, interior design, landscaping, roofing

Yes, we can empathize here, too.
Image courtesy of FL Morris/ starbulletin.com

If you find a home building and remodeling business whose content you find tremendously informative and educational, be sure to befriend them. Who knows? They may become a friend. That’s just how Hawaii rolls.
And last but not least, please peruse our magazine “Hawaii Home & Garden”, which is coming soon! These are some of the best projects that our community has to offer. The photos are nice, but the people are nicer.
Welcome to the Hawaii Home & Garden Network!



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    Interesting post. The information you have shared here is very useful. Thanks for inspiring.

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    wrote on May 20th, 2015 at 6:49 am


    Hi Laura,

    Thanks for joining us and for the nice feedback!


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