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When it comes to a kitchen remodel, it’s never easy to please everybody, but when “everybody” includes both a homeowner couple and their in-laws—all living under the same roof—the bar is set quite high. Lucky for this this Oahu brood, family owned and operated Homeowners Design Center (HDC) offers everything one needs for a kitchen renovation.
HDC designer Jessica Omoto explains how the Omizo family commissioned the firm with a kitchen remodel in their recently purchased Ko’olina home. “The son and his wife wanted to move the parents into a safer neighborhood,” Omoto says. “So they actually purchased a home—kind of like a gift for his parents, but also a home that they could use down the road.”

To watch the video and hear kitchen designer Jessica Omoto talk about this kitchen remodel, click on the photo below.

Omoto also shares that, although the state of the original kitchen was not necessarily bad to require a kitchen remodel, the Omizos did voice that it was extremely important for them to have peace of mind that the kitchen was perfectly set up for their parents’ ease of use, comfort and overall happiness. “There weren’t a lot of issues,” Omoto confirms. “They did want to add a buffet decorative area, [so] we added that, and [we] lowered and added a two-tiered countertop.”
The countertops chosen were PentalQuartz in a beautiful color named tobacco. Although they may have an odd moniker, the lovely aesthetic and low maintenance required for these countertops was reason enough to choose them for the kitchen remodel. “They are [a] non-porous, very easy to maintain surface,” reiterates Omoto.
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The cabinet/buffet area was designed to create the effect of being a separate space while also providing additional storage.

Omoto also describes that the family “…wanted to create more storage, but wanted it to not look so ‘kitchen-like’…to give it that little bit of separation.” In order to help the Omizos achieve this in the kitchen remodel, HDC added gorgeous, custom designed Diamond cabinetry in the Shaker style, made of richly colored cherry wood with a briarwood finish. “There was an existing piece [a dining table of vibrant cherry color] that they wanted to tie in from their old home, so we had to match that with the cabinetry,” Omoto says.
As for flooring, HDC installed a tile surface which Omoto describes as “more of a rectangle tile,” placed to run toward the light source from the windows—a design choice Omoto explains gives the room a more spacious feel. And although the homeowners chose the specific appliances for the kitchen remodel, HDC was able to seamlessly work one specific appliance—the microwave—into the cabinetry, freeing the countertop for use in other endeavors.
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The rectangular shaped, tile flooring was run toward the windows to utilize the light to create the feeling of more space.

More than pleased with their multi-generational home cucina, the Omizos especially are excited at how the kitchen is set up for aging in place, specifically its open flow space—providing ease of mobility—and the inclusion of ready access to the dishwasher and all that one would need within a compact space. The perfect kitchen remodel for multi-generational family living.
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