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Are you a general contractor or kitchen designer looking for a comprehensive content marketing program?

If you’re an Oahu-based general contractor or kitchen designer wanting to expand your reach over the web, our comprehensive content marketing program is a great way to do that. Homeowners planning a remodel or construction are already doing research on the web looking for content for ideas and inspiration. Why not show them yours and tell the story for each project in your own voice? Our program is a complete solution that covers the four most commonly used marketing strategies on the internet, all in one comprehensive program. Our program integrates the following strategies:

  • Content Development & Creation: We develop and create content for your company based on your projects, such as written blogs, video blogs and live action videos, to distribute through various marketing channels, such as social media platforms and search engines.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings: We SEO all of the content that we create and develop for your company, including all the components of the content such as videos, photos and the search terms for written blogs, to assist with SERP rankings. Additionally, all written blogs will be backlinked to your company's website to assist with SEO & SERP rankings for your company's own website.
  • Mobile Marketing: Using FaceBook's mobile marketing platform, we will distribute your content to a local, Oahu-based, ideal target audience of over 160,000 people over various mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The target audience demographics can range from homeowners, age, education level, household income and interest/need in home remodeling, among others.
  • Social Media Marketing: Creating and/or configuring your company's social media network, which for our program will consist of the FaceBook, Google+ and LinkedIn platforms, anchored by your Company Profile Page (CPP) on our website where all your content will reside and then posting your content to your network.

Why a content marketing program?

A content marketing program is a natural fit for businesses in the home construction, remodeling and kitchen remodeling industry. Why? Because over 90% of a homeowner's research is done over the internet. What are they looking for? Videos, photos and blogs/articles on home and kitchen remodeling projects to help them plan their own remodel and get ideas. The one thing a content program can do that other strategies can't is it allows a contractor to create a one-on-one engagement with a potential customer, creating a situation to make a personal connection before they ever walk through their door. Hard to do through a photo alone.

Please contact us today to find out how we can create a solution for you.

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