Hawaii Remodeler - Audio: Kitchen remodel tears down wall to open up space by Homeowners Design Center

Hawaii Remodeler - Audio: Kitchen remodel tears down wall to open up space by Homeowners Design Center

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Aloha Hawaii Home & Garden Network,

When the walls of their small, cramped kitchen felt like they were closing in on them, the Yamamoto family figured it was time for a breakdown—of the walls themselves, that is. Jessica Omoto of Homeowners Design Center shares how the family sought the company’s services, “To update the kitchen and take down the wall that separated the kitchen and the dining area…making for one large, opened-up, continuous space.”

Omoto explains that, “There was not a lot of functional counter space...” within the original kitchen, so the company addressed this, as well as incorporated a unique, two-tier island with an upper level that comfortably seats three, and a lower level that seats two, which Omoto explains “would serve the [hosting and entertainment] purposes of the dining area.”

Image courtesy of Homeowners Design Center. Photography by Ryan Siphers.

Tearing down a wall and combining the kitchen with the dining room created an open an inviting meeting space.

Utilizing the homeowner’s distinct and focused vision, as well as his already decided upon color scheme for the cabinetry, Homeowners Design Center was able to, “Help steer him in a direction for the upper and tall storage...” options, and paint each to match the lower kitchen cabinetry as well. “We brought in custom-painted door samples for him to choose from, and then he was able to go with what he wanted,” says Omoto.

Click on the image below to listen to designer Jessica Omoto discuss the project with blogger Andy Beth Miller.


Made from a high density fiberboard door that’s been painted (upper), and a thermo-structured laminate (lower), the cabinetry is aesthetically beautiful, with pale (and matching) soothing colors and a texture that looks uncannily like real wood, yet is actually a hearty laminate. The quartz countertops supply both non-porous and durable qualities, which keeps kitchen upkeep conveniently low-maintenance.

“We also added some kitchen cabinetry and storage that they could use either as a display area or for a buffet when they have get-togethers against the far back wall that used to be the dining area,” says Omoto.

To see how Homeowners Design Center can help you with your kitchen remodel or home remodeling project, just click on the company name wherever you see it.




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