Hawaii Kitchen Remodeler – A kitchen remodel’s quest for contemporary style by Homeowners Design Center

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The Hollar ohana are Kaneohe homeowners who contacted local remodeling and custom design company Homeowners Design Center (HDC) to help with their kitchen remodel. When reaching out to Randall Omoto of HDC, Ryan Hollar, who—being a realtor operating in the world of homes and renovations—had worked with Omoto and his design team already on several projects and had great confidence in the company’s ability to make his dream a reality.
According to Omoto, the Hollars’ main reasons for the kitchen remodel were mostly aesthetic in nature, although they did have a few structural features in mind for HDC to include. Omoto describes HDC’s initial collaborative estimate and survey process, “As in most projects, it’s typically us coming out to try and [ascertain] and get some of the things and features that [the homeowners] want to include.” He goes on to explain that something the Hollars specifically wanted was an island in the kitchen’s center.

To watch the video and hear kitchen designer Randall Omoto discuss the kitchen remodel, click on the photo below.

He describes how the HDC team goes to great lengths to work with the initial existing state of the property in order to make the most seamless, efficient and successful kitchen remodel possible. “We’re going to try to work with what the customers have. With every project, anything is possible but we’re looking to play the hand that we’re dealt with first. In this case, coming into the house and measuring, and then seeing what physically can happen,” Omoto shares.
The designer goes on to suggest how looking at various interactive websites or using software, including their own in-house software called 20/20, which has been upgraded with virtual reality capability, or going in person to showrooms can aid immensely in the process. In the case of the Hollars, the homeowners went to great lengths to do their research and were then able to provide Omoto and HDC with a clear and concise picture of exactly what they wanted: a kitchen remodel that could only be classified as oh-so-contemporary chic.
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The homeowners literally flew the extra mile for their kitchen remodel – they flew to Seattle to visit Canyon Creek Cabinet’s showroom.

In order to deliver this desired modern look, the homeowners went with a bold, marble flooring which offered a great start—and literal foundation—to their contemporary style motif. For the cabinets, in browsing through Canyon Creek Cabinet Company’s website, the Hollars saw a high gloss veneer in a rich dark brown which they loved. The couple then actually flew to the company’s showroom in Seattle and by looking at one of the kitchen displays, they were able to see how other materials and colors would work with what they wanted. This helped lead them to pick their perfect desired color of countertops, going with the whitest of whites in quartz made by Caesarstone, to achieve the greatest contrast and complete their desired look. Talk about flying the extra mile for a kitchen remodel.
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All the planning, color scheming and mixing and matching paid off, delivering their contemporary kitchen.

The Hollars opted to outfit their abode with higher brand Thermador appliances, including a built-in 43-inch refrigerator and pro-range. Omoto further explains how the use of LED recessed lighting, as well as using paneling with a high gloss veneer, are all facets that equally contributed to the kitchen’s seamless contemporary style for this kitchen remodel.
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